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We expect adults to be individuals, to have likes and dislikes, to be good at some things and not at others. But it often surprises us that children are unique individuals with their own tastes, styles, and abilities.

All children have different rates of development and different personalities. Knowing this can help us be patient. We can show our children that we really care about them by accepting each child as an individual.

Remember that some children are easy to care for and not very demanding. Others are fussy and difficult to care for. You may have children who are very different from one another even though you’ve tried to treat them the same. One child may cry a lot when he is sleepy or off his schedule. Rather than seeing your child as “bad,” accept the fact that your child’s body requires that he stay on a schedule. Some children are more difficult to care for, and it doesn’t mean that the child is bad or that you are a bad parent.

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SP488-A-5M-10/97 E12-2015-00-103-98

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