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You know by now that the very best plaything your little one can have is a caring adult. In other words, she needs someone like you who will play with her and enjoy her explorations.

Your toddler will be watching other children playing and may even follow after them. At this age, though, your child is more interested in you, her own play and her own toys than in other children. Poking, touching and pushing are her ways of showing interest in other children. She may develop interest in a special friend her own age if that friend is with her a lot. You will notice your child will smile more and fight less with this friend than with a child who is a stranger.

From 2 to 3 years of age, your child will become more social and will enjoy playing with other children. Groups of children play best when they have the same toys or materials. They will fight less if there are two blue trucks the same size or two dolls instead of one doll and one truck.

Play is the main activity of childhood. It is the way children learn about themselves, their family and their world. Let your child play alone sometimes, but also make time to play with her. You’ll learn about her, she’ll learn about you and you will be helping her to grow.

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