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Many innovations have occurred in the fencing industry in recent years, giving producers an array of options for fences to confine and protect livestock. Whether used as permanent, periphery boundaries, temporary pasture dividers or to encircle a house, fences need careful planning and construction for efficient usefulness, long life and low maintenance.

Several decisions must be made when installing fencing. First, what is the fence to be used for? For example, is it going to be a boundary fence or a cross-fence to divide a pasture? Is the fence for sheep, cattle, horses or something else? What type of fence is best suited and where should the fence be constructed for maximum effectiveness?

Other considerations include the type, spacing and setting of posts, gate location and construction, brace post assembly and installation of stock gaps or cattle guards. This publication is designed to help in planning a new or renovated fencing system.

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PB1541 -2.5M-5/01(Rep) E12-4315-00-02-01

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