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Almost everyone who owns a horse will eventually travel with that horse. The traveling time can be enjoyable and a good experience. Proper planning and preparation to transport horses is the key to a pleasant and successful trip

People go almost everywhere with their horses. Many go to shows and other competitive horse events. Trail rides and camping are also appealing to many horse owners. Trips to shows and trail rides are primarily for pleasure and enjoyment. However, some trips are for business — to breeding farms, horse sales and training clinics.

Horse owners should address a number of considerations before traveling with a horse. Correct procedures vary, depending on the reason for travel, the distance, weather conditions and type of trailer. The horse owner may consider several alternatives before finding the best solution to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. This fact sheet will address management considerations such as driving habits, health requirements, use of blankets and sheets, unloading during the trip and overnight stabling while traveling with horses. Traveling with a horse can be fun if the trip is planned properly.

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