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Henschke, John A. EdD


Rethinking Lifelong Learning with Thailand for the 21st Century [Part 2], John A. Henschke EdD

Henschke, John A. EdD and Suwithida Charungkaittikul


The Scenario of a Learning Society Model toward Promoting a Positive Paradigm Shif for Communities, John A. Henschke EdD and Suwithida Charungkaittikul

Henschke, John A. EdD and John A. Henschke EdD


Self-Directed Learning [SDL] and Andragogy: My Take on Their Contrasting and Complementary Relationship, John A. Henschke EdD and John A. Henschke EdD


A History of Andragogy and Its Documents as They Pertain to Adult Basic and Literacty Education, John A. Henschke EdD and John A. Henschke EdD

Henschke, John A. EdD and Susan K. Isenberg PhD


Workshop on the Living Lecture for the Lifelong Learners, John A. Henschke EdD and Susan K. Isenberg PhD

Henschke, John A. EdD; Susan K. Isenberg PhD; and Kathy Petroff


From the Inside Looking Out: Andragogically Buidling a Doctor of Andragogy Program, John A. Henschke EdD, Susan K. Isenberg PhD, and Kathy Petroff

Horton, Myles


Biography, Myles Horton

Huff, Paul E.


Biography, Paul E. Huff

Magrath, C. Peter


Biography, C. Peter Magrath

McLagan, Patricia


Biography, Patricia McLagan

McNamara, Donna


Biography, Donna McNamara

Queeney, Donna S.


Biography, Donna S. Queeney

Ray, Robert F.


Biography, Robert F. Ray

Robinson, Russell D.


Biography, Russell D. Robinson

Wedemeyer, Charles A.


Biography, Charles A. Wedemeyer