Editorial Board for Volume 5, Issue 1


Melissa Lee

Managing Editor for Humanities and Social Sciences

Franco D'Aprile

Managing Editor for Science and Engineering

Sahba Seddighi

Research Editors

Evan Ford

Alex Houck

Review Board

Chris Barnes

Benjamin Brock

Ariel Buehler

Esther Choo

Grant Currin

Caroline Daws

Sharvari Desai

Ellen Ford

Veronica Go

Samantha Hawks

Emma Hollmann

William Johnson

Bryson Lype

Ben Miller

Patrick McKenzie

Grayson Mynatt

Caitlin Pinkard

Richard Prince

Mark Remec

Kenna Rewcastle

Katie Lou Rogers

Julia Ross

David Schmidt

Anagha Uppal

Louis Varriano

RJ Vogt

Samantha Warchol

Dean Webb

Graphic Editor

Marianela D'Aprile


Payal Sharma


Timothy Hulsey, Associate Provost, Director, Chancellor's Honors Program

Rebekah Page, Assistant Director, Chancellor's Honors Program

Taylor Eighmy, Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

Gregory D. Reed, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement

Sharon Pound, Coordinator, Undergraduate Research

William L. Dockery, Coordinator of Research Communications