Journal for Expanded Perspectives on Learning


Joonna Smitherman Trapp, Emory University joonnatrapp@gmail.com

Brad Peters, Northern Illinois University

"Connecting" Editor

Christy Wenger, Shepherd University

AEPL Executive Board

Co-Chairs, Yvonne Sui-Runyan, University of Northern Colorado & Bruce Novak, Foundation for Ethics and Meaning

Immediate Past Co-Chairs, Irene Papoulis, Trinity College & Wendy Ryden, Long Island University

Associate Chair, Maureen Hall, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Secretary, Jennifer Lyn Dorsey, East Central University, Oklahoma

Treasurer, Christy Wenger, Shepherd University, WV

AEPL Website, Daniel J. Weinstein, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

AEPL Advisory Board

Alice G. Brand, SUNY College at Brockport
John Creger, American High School, Freemont, CA
Peter Elbow, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Ron Miller, Goddard College, VT
Doug Hesse, University of Denver. CO
Nel Noddings, Columbia University - Teachers College
Sondra Perl, Lehman College, CUNY
Peter Stillman, Charlotteville, NY
Charles Suhor, Montgomery, AL
Jane Tompkins, University of Illinois at Chicago

Ex-Officio Voting Members, Sophie Bell, St. John’s University, NY
Alison Brimmer, Nova Southeastern University
Nate Mickelson, Guttman Community College, NY

Founding Members, Alice G. Brand, SUNY College at Brockport
Richard L. Graves, Auburn University, Emeritus
Charles Suhor, NCTE

Membership Contact, Christy Wenger, cwenger@shepherd.edu