Call for Submissions

Catalyst: A Social Justice Forum is pleased to announce a call for submissions for a 2015 themed issue:

Reform or Revolution?

Can social justice be achieved within the prescribed means of current global and intrastate liberal systems, that is, via reform, or must these systems be radically altered in their fundamental theory and practice, that is, must there be revolution?

This issue of Catalyst aims to present a constellation of works that address the question of social justice on the meta-historical level, and specifically with regard to the viability of liberal systems for social justice. Considering liberalism as a mode of culture and history which combines the political, social, and economic, we ask about its future viability for justice. If we are serious about our understanding of social justice and about its effectuation in an era when cherished accomplishments of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S., such as the Voting Rights Act have been gutted, and when legal rights and freedoms within liberal systems are being used cynically to promote injustice , we believe that in fact we must ask this question.

Submissions Due February 15th. If you have a potential submission, but concerns about the deadline, please contact the editors by February 1st.

Written submissions and action plans encouraged. Submissions in styles other than scholarly essays are welcome as well, as are poetry submissions, reviews, film, audio files, and proposals and plans for live events and actions.

Contact guest editor, Craig Schamel, schamelc@hotmail.com, for further information.